Bachus & Schanker Client Review

Bachus & Schanker Client Review

January 4, 2016 | Client Reviews

Video Transcription
I was rear ended, I was in my vehicle on Alameda and Teller [a suburb area of Denver, Colorado] and I was rear ended by another vehicle, pushed me into the intersection. It was about the middle of the afternoon, and I went to the hospital in the ambulance. I sustained neck injury and headaches continuously. Immediate headache. Worst headache you can imagine, like somebody was hitting me with a bat. Some people I talked to, my wife, we kinda talked about it, three or four other places and we looked at it and this [Bachus & Schanker] seemed to be the one we wanted to go with. Good reputation. It has been real well. Really impressed. Thank you. I appreciate it very much. Use Bachus & Schanker. That is what I would do, and that’s what I did. You done a real good job. Go to a good lawyer, find yourself a good lawyer because this has worked out real well for me.

Bachus & Schanker Client Review


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