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Bungee Cord Injury Alert

Permanent Vision Loss and Injury Can be Caused by Bungee Cords

They're inexpensive, easy to use and they are everywhere. This common everyday device can be found in almost every home and many businesses. They're used to tie down or secure items, act as barriers, hold items in place and restrain cargo. They are easy to use, even with one hand. But the potential for injury and permanent vision loss is virtually unknown: to most consumers.

A Seemingly Harmless Everyday Household Device has the Potential for Catastrophic Injuries

Because a bungee cord is usually stretched under tremendous tension, the sudden, unexpected release discharges massive force and has the potential to cause grave injuries, particularly to the eyes. When released, this everyday household item becomes a lethal projectile.

Ways that breakage can occur

  • the hook slips from the user's hand as it's being stretched into place
  • the hook disengages from the attachment point
  • the attachment structure fails
  • the hook straightens out
  • the cord breaks
  • the hook detaches from the cord

How to Prevent Bungee Cord Injuries

The American Medical Association has called for warning labels to be placed on bungee cords, including information about the deterioration of the cords, which can cause them to snap unexpectedly. Cracks in the cords significantly increase the failure risks of the bungee.

If possible, replace bungee cords with other restraining devices such as buckled nylon bands or industrial shrink-wrap. If you continue to use bungee cords, eye protection must be used, even for the few seconds it takes to attach the bungee cord.

Other suggestions include:

  • always use extreme caution when stretching the bungee cord over a load
  • ensure the hook ends are securely fastened
  • never extending the cord beyond its capacity of length or load
  • keeping your face and other vulnerable body parts out of the cord's rebound path
  • never use bungee cords to hold a surface which is susceptible to air movement or wind
  • ensure that the victim of an accident involving a bungee cord is seen by an eye care specialist or medical professional

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