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Colorado Avanza Supermarket
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Avanza Supermarkets have been accused of deceptive practices for charging consumers 10% more than advertised prices.

Nash Finch, a national food distributor, owns Avanza Supermarkets in Colorado. Nash Finch is based in Minneapolis. The company's website promotes it as the second-largest publicly traded wholesale-food distributor in the country. The Avanza stores that market primarily to Latinos have three locations in Colorado.

"10% More at register" misleading advertising

In June 2008, Nash Finch instituted a practice in the Avanza stores of charging 10% more at the register than the marked prices on both advertisements and posted shelf prices. All prices noted "A Great Way to Save - Plus 10% at the register". The "shelf-plus" policy was in effect from June 2008 to March 2009.

Shoppers thought that they would save 10% at the register and many say that they never knew about the additional charges.

Consumers complained to 9News and the Colorado Department of Agriculture's Weights and Measures Office that regulates grocery stores. The department launched an investigation of the pricing policy.

According to the 9News report, University of Denver Business Ethics and Law Professor Corey Ciocchetti found the pricing practice questionable.

A lawsuit was filed and six Colorado consumers were compensated for their damages. In the case, Nash Finch attorneys filed a "confession of judgment". The company admitted "liability and confesses and agrees to the entry of judgment in favor of plaintiffs.". Additionally, attorneys for Nash Finch, acknowledged that the 10 percent charge violated the Consumer Protection Act.

If you or a loved one shopped at Avanza between June 2008 to March 2009, you may be entitled to compensation.

Avanza Colorado Locations:

  • 1320 South Federal Blvd Denver, CO
  • 7305 Pecos Street Denver, CO
  • 3635 West 10th Street Greeley, CO

Click here to read the Confession of Judgement.

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