Greyhound bus involved in accident off of I-70 in Colorado

On December 27th, a Greyhound bus collided with an SUV while exiting Genesee on westbound Interstate 70.

Three people were injured in the SUV and only one from the bus. The bus was carrying a large capacity of 64 passengers. The Colorado State Patrol stated that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Greyhound Lines is the largest inter-city common carrier of passengers by bus in North America. Greyhound has a total of 5 different models of buses, all ranging from the capacity of passenger size from 47 to 55.

The Center for National Truck and Bus Statistics reported that between the years 1999-2002, an average of 325 buses were involved in a fatal traffic accident. Also shown in these reports were that in 2002 there were 359 persons killed in crashes involving a bus; 11 of them were bus drivers, and 44 were passengers on the bus. Other vehicle drivers and passengers represented the largest source of fatalities with 207 (57.7%) and non-motorists represented 97 (27.0%) of the fatalities.

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