Understanding Wrongful Death Suits in Denver

Understanding Wrongful Death Suits in Denver

May 4, 2015 | Wrongful Death

When a loved one has been wronged, filing a suit against the negligent party can seem confusing. In the course of pre-litigation, it might become evident that a wrongful death suit may be brought against another individual or business. Wrongful death may be brought against a negligent party if the other party caused the untimely death of an individual. There are several areas of law that deal with wrongful death. Contacting a Denver lawyer can help assist with questions related to individual circumstances.

Although elder abuse carries steep penalties, it still occurs. Legislation was enacted to protect the elderly along with those with disabilities because they are considered particularly disadvantaged groups. In some instances, elder abuse ends with the untimely death of an elder. In such instances, a lawsuit can be brought against the negligent party who caused the death, which may be a hospital, doctor or rehabilitation facility. This can occur from an unsafe transfer of a patient or by failing to do assessments, which would have identified sores that led to septicemia. Elder abuse isn’t always evidenced by physical abuse. It can occur through neglect. A wrongful death suit may be brought from any harm that was done to an elder, which caused their untimely death.

Wrongful death can occur from a fatal drunk driving accident as well. For instance, a drunk driver could hit a pedestrian on the side of the road causing their death. Drunk drivers don’t usually target people to cause harm; however, because a person consciously chose to drink and drive while under the influence, they are being negligent according to the law. In addition, wrongful death suits for car accidents can be brought against any negligent party whether or not they were drunk. Talking to a Denver lawyer can answer questions relating to wrongful death. The amount to be compensated will be determined in court according to the individual circumstances of the case.

When people lose a loved one, the grief can be unbearable. The bereaved may incur hospital bills and other expenses on top of their suffering. Bringing a wrongful death suit can help to address the negligent party, prevent them from harming others and help to recover monetary damages. It can be difficult enough dealing with the passing of a loved one, but adding large bills can add to the difficulties a person may face during this time. Contact a Denver lawyer today to discuss your needs and concerns.


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