Inadequate Truck Driver Training

It is important to know that drivers of commercial trucks are supposed to have special training and education before operating a commercial vehicle, to minimize the risk of trucking accidents. Trucking companies are responsible for hiring drivers that meet a number of federal and state requirements. At Bachus & Schanker, LLC in Denver, Colorado our experienced legal team handles trucking accident injury claims for victims throughout the state. We can investigate the cause of your accident and help determine if inadequate driver training or supervision was a factor.

Trucking Accident Injury

Truck drivers are required to have a commercial driver’s license, which generally requires completing a truck driving school, as well as apprentice training.

Additionally, there are special regulations that commercial drivers are supposed to know and be updated on a regular basis. If a truck driver has not obtained this special knowledge, skill, and training, the company that hired the driver could be liable for negligent hiring, training, and/or supervision. If a trucking accident occurs, the company may be legally responsible for any injury or damage that results.

Inadequate training or supervision increases the risk of trucking accidents, because inexperienced drivers may be less able to avoid collisions, especially in poor weather conditions. Undertrained drivers may be less prepared to respond in the event of mechanical failure or less able to maintain control around curves, steep downgrades, and other instances where detailed knowledge is required. Additionally, drivers who are not properly supervised may violate hours of service requirements, loading regulations, or other safety standards in an effort to complete each run as quickly as possible.

In Denver, Colorado, and throughout the United States, trucking accident statistics point to the very real risk of injury as a result of inadequate driver training or supervision and other common causes of these types of collisions.

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