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Colorado Hit and Run Accident Attorneys

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Colorado Hit and Run Accident Attorneys

Our hit and run accident lawyers at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, can help you claim fair compensation when you’re the victim of an accident. If you suffer bodily injury because of a hit and run, our attorneys want justice for you. We handle hit and run accident cases on behalf of individuals and multiple victims who suffer devastating injuries. Our legal team pursues your case from beginning to end until you have the compensation you deserve.

What Our Hit and Run Accident Lawyers Will Do for You

Hit & Run Car AccidentA hit and run accident lawyer does whatever it takes to represent your interests and pursue compensation for you. It’s our goal to make sure that each victim receives an amount that fairly represents their losses. When you work with our team, we handle everything on your behalf, including:

  • Investigating
  • Drafting papers
  • Making legal filings
  • Arguing and negotiating a fair settlement
  • Speaking for you in court
  • Fighting for your rights as a hit and run victim

By going it alone, you might receive far too little for your actual injuries, pain and suffering, and other losses or damages. When you work with our legal experts, you have a dedicated team of determined, experienced litigators who are prepared to see your case through.

Examples of Hit and Run Cases

There are several types of hit and run cases. Your case may involve any of the following circumstances:

  • A drunk driver flees the scene to avoid an investigation and arrest
  • Someone driving without a valid driver’s license tries to hit and run to avoid getting caught
  • A new driver runs from the scene of the accident because they’re afraid of getting a ticket
  • The other driver flees from the scene of the accident in an attempt to avoid legal liability because they’re at fault
  • A commercial driver doesn’t want to have to report the accident, so they try and get away with it by fleeing
  • Outstanding warrants cause a driver to flee from an accident before the police arrive

Whatever the reason that the other driver chooses to leave the scene of the car accident, you may have a valid claim for compensation. Fleeing the scene of an accident with bodily injuries is a crime in Colorado, as in all states. When someone commits a crime, that’s very strong evidence of civil legal liability. However, no matter how strong your case is, it’s up to you to take the required steps to claim financial recovery and hold the wrongdoer accountable.

What Is My Hit and Run Case Worth?

You may have damages that result directly from the fact that a hit and run occurred. For example, there may have been a delay in your medical treatment because the defendant did not stay to summon medical help. These additional losses can be a part of your legal claim. Damages from the accident itself are essential to include, too. Your legal claim is a comprehensive treatment of all of the losses that result from the hit and run accident.

The damages that you can recover for hit and run include:

  • Medical bills, both emergency and long-term
  • Walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility equipment
  • Physical therapy services
  • Counseling and psychological care
  • Travel expenses for medical treatment
  • Lost wages; lost future income
  • Mental anguish; physical pain and suffering
  • Property damage, including damages to your vehicle

Damages in a hit and run case are both economic and non-economic. You may receive payment for financial losses and your intangible losses, like suffering. Financial losses include direct expenses and unearned future income. Conversely, intangible losses include mental health, physical pain and changes in lifestyle.

Do I Need a Civil Hit and Run Case If There Is a Criminal Case?

Because hit and run is a crime, there’s a good chance that the offender may face criminal charges. When there are criminal charges, the victim has some right to participate in the proceedings. However, a criminal case is wholly inadequate to represent your right as the accident victim.A criminal case is brought on behalf of society. The focus isn’t on helping the victim. The standard to win a criminal case is higher than it is in a civil case. In other words, even if a criminal case isn’t successful, you may win your civil claim because the standards are different, and you have the right to the attorney of your choice.

Also, in a civil case, you can receive substantially more compensation that includes categories of pay, like pain and suffering, that are not available to victims in criminal proceedings.

Why Choose the Bachus & Schanker Hit and Run Lawyers

The Bachus & Schanker, LLC, attorneys devote their entire legal practice to helping accident victims. That means they spend all of their time learning the laws, polishing their trial skills and representing accident victims just like you. With thousands of cases under their belts, the attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, know the nuances in skillfully pursuing a claim. Ultimately, their experience and dedication make the difference in earning outstanding results for their clients.Our attorneys capably handle cases throughout the State of Colorado, including Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. We pride ourselves on being skilled trial lawyers and conflict resolution advocates. Whether you want to take your case to trial or negotiate a fair settlement behind closed doors, we have lawyers trained and ready to make it happen.

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Call Our Colorado Hit and Run Accident Attorneys Today

No two cases are alike, so you shouldn’t settle for cookie-cutter legal representation, either. In a hit and run case, you deserve an independent evaluation. We don’t just rest on the police investigation. Instead, we thoroughly investigate to build the evidence for your case. Our team puts our skills, experience and diligence to work for every client to receive the best possible results. $900 million in verdicts collected for our clients tells the story of our success.

When you’re the victim of a hit and run accident, you can fight back. Our Colorado hit and run accident attorneys want to help you receive fair compensation. There’s no cost or obligation to talk with our legal team about your case. Call us at (303) 222-2222 to speak with our friendly legal advocates today.

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