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Colorado Springs Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

The Colorado Springs worker’s compensation attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, are professional litigators and passionate legal advocates. We’ve handled thousands of cases just like yours. When you’re hurt at work, you need financial compensation. We’re here to fight for you and your rights.

Call our Colorado Springs worker’s compensation attorneys today at (719) 888-8888 for your free consultation.

How Can a Worker’s Compensation Attorney Help Me?

A worker’s compensation attorney helps you with every aspect of your claim. They make sure that you get paid, and that you get the maximum amount that you deserve. Here is how our worker’s compensation lawyers can assist you with your case:

  • Guidance through making initial reports of the injury
  • Review of medical paperwork; referrals to independent medical evaluations as needed
  • Examination of documents received from the insurance company
  • Independent calculations of fair compensation
  • Preparation of evidence to prove that the injury or illness is work-related
  • Development of strategies to maximize the compensation you receive and make the claims process as easy as possible
  • Filing appeals or filing a claim in court, if necessary
  • Calling witnesses to testify at hearings and trial

We help you reach the best possible result through our knowledge of the worker’s compensation system. We also want you to achieve that result as quickly as possible, so you get the monetary relief you need right now. 

Filing a worker’s compensation claim can be stressful. Employers aren’t always honest, forthcoming or fair when they handle claims. With our Colorado Springs worker’s compensation attorneys, you can demand better. 

Do I Have a Valid Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Worker With Hard HatYou have a valid worker’s compensation claim if you are injured at work. It’s not a requirement to prove that you’re injured because of the negligence of your employer. In most personal injury cases, you have to prove that you’re hurt because of the poor actions of another party. However, you don’t have to prove that your employer did anything wrong in order to make a worker’s compensation claim. Any time that you get hurt at work or because of work, you have a right to demand compensation.

What Damages Can I Receive in a Colorado Springs Worker’s Compensation Claim?

In a Colorado Springs workers compensation claim, you may receive payment for your medical bills. The relief that you receive for your claim should completely cover your medical treatment. Even if you have a preexisting condition, if the nature of your work makes that preexisting condition worse, the relief you receive still should cover your medical treatment.

In addition to medical treatment, you deserve compensation for the fact that you’re unable to work. You may claim a percentage of your income as replacement pay if your injuries prevent you from working. Compensation is based on your income and the extent of your disability. Payments may continue until you return to work or go on indefinitely in the case of permanent disability.

Colorado Springs Worker’s Compensation Facts

As experienced worker’s compensation attorneys, we want you to have the information that you need to understand the legal system. Here are some essential facts about worker’s compensation in Colorado that we want you to know:

  • A claim can be based on a single, acute injury. It can also be based on a long-term illness or disease that develops because of conditions at your place of employment.
  • You don’t have to be on the property of your employer to have access to the worker’s compensation system. Instead, you’re eligible to make a claim any time you’re performing duties on behalf of your employer. You can file a claim if you’re driving, traveling for work or running errands.
  • If the employer or the insurance company denies your claim, that’s not the end of the story. You can file appeals and even bring your case to court.
  • There is only a limited amount of time to file a worker’s compensation claim. It’s important to contact us and begin the claim process as soon as possible.
  • Colorado has some of the strictest laws regarding when employers are required to have worker’s compensation insurance. All businesses with one or more employees must have insurance. There are a few exceptions, but the vast majority of employers have insurance in place.
  • You have the right to representation from a Colorado Springs worker’s compensation attorney. They can review your claim and represent you throughout the process. With the help of an experienced attorney, you might find that you recover much more than you might have received by trying to navigate the worker’s compensation system on your own

#1 Colorado Springs Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

The Colorado Springs attorneys of Bachus & Schanker exclusively handle personal injury claims. Our experience gives us in-depth knowledge of the laws and how to advocate effectively for our clients. We’ve represented thousands of clients and won millions of dollars in verdicts for our clients. It’s our goal to make you another success story.

We have 26 attorneys and more than 100 support staff. We pair you with the right professionals for the unique issues in your case. During your case, you can talk to your attorneys at any time if you have questions, concerns or comments throughout the process. We work for you and with you until you receive the compensation you deserve.

Colorado Springs Worker’s Compensation Attorneys Free Consultation

Our Colorado Springs worker’s compensation attorneys want to help you get the justice that you deserve. We offer free consultations to anyone who wants to learn more about their case. Remember, you have rights. Don’t take the insurance company’s word for it when they say you have no claim. Meet with us for a professional evaluation of your case.

If you’re not being treated fairly in the worker’s compensation system, don’t back down! With our legal team, you can exercise your rights and get the relief that you deserve. Time limits may apply, so don’t wait to contact us. We can meet with you right away. Call or message us to get started.

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Super Lawyers - Kyle Bachus
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Martindale-Hubbell Peer Rated for Highest Level of Professional Excellence
Super Lawyers - Darin Schanker
The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyer
5280 Top Lawyers of Denver
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