“Subrogation Made Easy” Seminar Taught by Kyle Bachus

On Friday, June 13, 2008, J. Kyle Bachus volunteered to present “Subrogation Made Easy” as part of the Colorado Bar Association’s CLE seminar “A Crash Course in Motor Vehicle Accident Law.”

Colorado is among 18 states in the United States with voluntary state bar associations whose members share core values and beliefs that are at the very heart of our system of government and society. These values include: the Rule of Law, fair, impartial and well-functioning courts, separation of powers and representative democracy. The CBA is also active in legislation and how it may impact present law, public policy and the administration of justice and the legal profession in Colorado.

CLE in Colorado, Inc. (a/k/a Colorado Bar Association CLE [CBA-CLE]) is the nonprofit education arm of the Colorado Bar Association and the Denver Bar Association which produces high-quality continuing legal education programs and legal publications. Every year, hundreds of Colorado lawyers and judges volunteer their time and expertise to help produce these educational resources for CBA members and without this generous contribution of talent, CBA-CLE could not fulfill its mission.

Additionally, the CBA offers public service programs in order to give back to the community which includes:

  • Call-A-Lawyer Programs
  • Public Legal Education Clinics
  • High School Mock Trial Competition
  • School Law-Related Education Involvement
  • Community Law Education Programs
  • Law Week
  • Lend-A-Lawyer

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