Darin Schanker Speaks at CTLA about Voir Dire Process

When the Colorado Trial Lawyers convened in Steamboat Springs on August 9-11, 2012, Darin Schanker of Bachus & Schanker, LLC addressed the group on a need for more time in the voir dire process.

During his presentation, Schanker shared strategies for earning the judges respect in order to obtain more time for voir dire as well as ideas for how attorneys can best use any additional time a judge allows them. Voir dire refers to the questioning of prospective jurors by the attorneys and judge in order to ultimately seat a fair and unbiased jury. In voir dire, every second counts and the outcome of the process can have an enormous impact on a trial’s outcome.

The Colorado Trial Association (CTLA) is the largest specialty bar association in the state of Colorado. It is committed to protecting consumer rights and working to increase public safety.

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