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Denver & Colorado Springs Most Dangerous Intersections Revealed

Most Dangerous Street Crossings in Denver and Colorado Springs

Sometimes just knowing that an intersection has a history of producing traffic problems can be enough to spark extra caution in drivers and encourage them to find alternate routes to their destinations. That’s one reason Colorado Springs and Denver police track intersections that produce more than the average number of collisions.

Based on accident reports, the following eight intersections are considered the most lethal in Denver:1

  • 8. Colorado Blvd. and 17th Avenue

    Major commuter thoroughfares near the zoo.

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  • 7. Colorado Blvd. and Mexico Avenue

    Heavy congestion from the I-25 exit meets up with big box store traffic to create a perfect storm.

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  • 6. Colorado Blvd. and Hampden Avenue

    Lots of traffic in Cherry Creek area.

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  • 5. Colorado Blvd. and 6th Avenue

    Lots of commuter traffic with jostling to make connects with Leetsdale and 8th.

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  • 4. Monaco Parkway and Hampden Avenue

    Heavy traffic coupled with a congested exit from I-25 and popular strip malls.

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  • 3.Colorado Blvd. and Alameda

    Volume is extra high where these popular thoroughfares meet.

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  • 2. University Blvd. and Hampden

    Increasing traffic volume across the metro area has turned University, which once was a good alternative to Colorado, into a bottleneck.

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  • 1. University Blvd. and 1st Avenue

    Very likely the most accident-prone intersection in Denver. Heavy traffic during rush hours and throughout the day.

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In Colorado Springs, city engineers have developed a weighted average to help identify intersections that are the deadliest. The engineers give property damage a weight of one, injuries a weight of five and fatalities a weight of two. Armed with their findings, the engineers evaluate engineering solutions and signage to reduce accidents at problematic intersections.

Here are the 10 top accident-producing intersections in Colorado Springs and their corresponding rankings from the city engineers:2

Hazard Rank Intersection Engineers Formula Rating 10 Airport Rd. & Academy Blvd. 1.85 9 East Fountain Blvd. and South Union Blvd. 1.86 8 Carefree Circle and Tutt Blvd. 1.89 7 Barnes Rd. and North Powers Blvd. 1.89 6 North Powers Blvd. and Research Pkwy. 1.96 5 Lake Avenue and Venetucci Blvd. 2.02 4 South Nevada Avenue and Southgate Rd. 2.17 3 Rangewood Dr. and Vickers Dr. 2.27 2 Palmer Park Blvd. and Space Center Dr. 2.37 1 Briargate Pkwy. And North Powers Blvd. 3.67

Bachus & Shanker encourages all Coloradans to approach these identified intersections – and all intersections – with caution. Drive defensively and always keep a close eye on vehicles close at hand.

If you are injured in an auto accident in Colorado and need legal representation, contact the attorneys at Bachus & Shanker. We are well experienced in helping victims of vehicular accidents in Colorado obtain the compensation they are entitled to receive.

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