Health Care System Reform Advocated by Colorado Citizens


Colorado Citizens for Accountability Advocates for Change in Health Care System

The Colorado Citizens for Accountability (CCA) was initially started by Patricia Skolnik, whose only son, Michael Skolnik, passed away in 2004 due to medical negligence.

CCA advocates for the important of patient safety in the justice system, healthcare system, and in the community. CCA’s goal is to educate consumers about the healthcare system and ultimately improve the quality of healthcare in Colorado. CCA also offers services to victims in order to provide them a safe environment where they can find support.

CCA has been very successful with getting their organization media attention, having appeared on the TODAY show, Montel Show as well as local CBS, NBC, and FOX news programs. Numerous articles have also been printed about the incredible organization in the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, and the Centennial Citizen.

Bachus & Schanker, LLC continues to pledge our support to the goals of CCA by being professional members and we encourage you to find out more information about this special organization and to help make a difference in improving our healthcare system. For information on how you can get involved, please visit the Colorado Citizens for Accountability website.

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