New Colorado Law Banning Cell Phone Texting While Driving


Cell Texting While Driving, and Teens Using Cells While Driving Banned in Colorado

Thinking of sending out a text message to your spouse while waiting at the light?

Think again. A new Colorado law that takes effect December 1, 2009, makes texting on your phone while driving illegal. This includes text messages, emails, tweets–and bans anyone under the age of 18 from using a cellphone while driving.

Colorado Governor Bill Richards signed the bill in Fort Collins, where last year 9-year-old Erica Forney was killed by a driver who had been distracted while talking on a cell phone.

Violators of the law can expect a $50 fine for the first offense (which is a class-A traffic infraction) and $100 on a second offense.

Although the legislators who sponsored the bill are pleased with a renewed protection for the safety of Colorado people, they are also frustrated that it doesn’t more aggressively address the problem of using a cell phone while driving. Supporters of the bill would like to see, in the future, all Colorado drivers who talk on a cell while driving to use a hands-free device instead of a normal phone.

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