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The Fort Collins dental malpractice attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, are here for you if you’ve been the victim of poor dental care. We’re ready to help you claim financial compensation and to seek justice if you’re hurt because of inadequate care from a dental professional. Our legal team represents victims of all forms of dental malpractice. 

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Do you have a question about dental services that you received? Want to know what you stand to receive for your injuries and suffering? Contact our Fort Collins attorneys today for your free case evaluation.

Yes, you can sue your dentist for malpractice. Dental services are medical services. That means a dentist must provide care up to a reasonable standard. Medical malpractice laws apply to dentists when they fail to perform their job with reasonable training and skill. Compensation is based on the harm you suffer, including medical bills, other economic losses and pain and suffering.

Here are some of the damages you can recover in a dental malpractice claim:

  • Extra medical bills; the cost to fix the harm that occurred; medical expenses for complications
  • Income reimbursement if you can’t work because of your injuries
  • Scars and other permanent disfigurements
  • Payment to reflect permanent injuries like numbing and nerve damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and emotional trauma

What you can win for dental malpractice is the sum total of your economic and non-economic losses. Medical expenses are an essential part of the case, but they are only one piece of the puzzle. Our attorneys for dental malpractice are sure to evaluate every type of compensation that may be owed to the victim.

Yes, you can sue your dentist for a bad implant. If the dentist’s poor care is the reason for the bad implant, you can bring a financial claim. What you have to show is that the dentist failed to perform medical services up to a reasonable standard. A dental implant is a form of dental care, so if you meet the criteria, you can sue your dentist for a bad implant.

Dental malpractice laws in Fort Collins, CO, are typically based on negligence. The victim must show how the dentist’s services were inadequate. They also demonstrate that poor dental services caused an injury. Plus, it’s essential to present evidence of damages.

Colorado Revised Statutes 24-10-109 creates some damages limitations in cases where the defendant works for a government entity. In addition, a damages cap of $1 million typically applies to all types of compensation. However, in cases where the harm is particularly egregious, the victim may receive an exception to the cap. There is usually a $300,000 cap for non-economic damages in dental malpractice cases.

When you’re the victim of dental malpractice, you may be hoping to bring a claim against the responsible party. But do you have a case? Here are some examples of dental malpractice:

  • A patient goes to the dentist for a routine checkup. They have discolored white patches in their gums and complain about pain in that area. Although these are signs of cancer of the mouth, the dentist fails to follow-up on the symptoms and order testing. The cancer goes undetected for several more months.
  • The dentist is a general practice dentist who is qualified to perform several dental treatments. However, they are not qualified to perform complex procedures. However, the dentist attempts a dental implant procedure and makes an error. The patient suffers side effects and requires extra stitches and antibiotics.
  • After dental surgery, a doctor wants to prescribe antibiotics. However, they make an error and write down the wrong medicine. Not only does the patient not receive the antibiotics they need, but they also have side effects from taking the wrong medication.
  • When a patient has a routine filling, they begin to experience pain and numbness. They call the dentist to ask for advice, but the dentist simply tells them to hang in there and take some ibuprofen. Because the dentist does not recognize and treat the complication, the patient suffers additional pain and severe medical complications.

These are just a few examples of dental malpractice. Any kind of dental error or negligence can amount to a dental malpractice claim.

To win a dental malpractice case in Fort Collins, CO, our team works diligently to build the evidence. We demand records, conduct depositions and have hard conversations with the other party. Also, we work with the right experts to evaluate your case and provide the technical medical information to support your claim.

Colorado law requires a victim to present a Certificate of Review within 60 days of filing their claim. The certificate is a document signed by a trained professional that verifies the legal merit of the victim’s claim. The professional who creates the document states that there is substantial justification for the victim to bring the suit. There must be a separate certificate for each dentist named in the case. The law that imposes the certificate of review requirement is CRS 13-20-602.

When you’re looking for the top Fort Collins dental malpractice attorneys for you, here are some reasons to consider the Bachus & Schanker, LLC legal team:

  • Our law firm is dedicated to helping injury victims. That means we focus our practice exclusively on victim’s cases and victim rights. We have more experience in the courtroom and in the laws that matter. We’re prepared to be aggressive advocates for you.
  • We’ve handled thousands of cases. It’s our goal to provide access to legal services for victims. Compassion and respect are critical as we advocate for you after a dental injury.
  • Whether you work to settle your case or you want your day in court, we’re full-service legal professionals. Our team builds a strong case on your behalf. Then, we give you the guidance to make the best choices about whether to accept a settlement or proceed to trial.
  • Our team will communicate on your terms. Whether you prefer to speak on the phone, email or meet in person, we’re here to handle the case in whichever way you’re most comfortable.
  • Our personal injury attorneys are always up to date with the laws, regulations and ways that we can better meet our client’s needs.
  • The Bachus & Schanker, LLC legal team is a comprehensive group of professionals. With a full staff and offices in Fort Collins and throughout Colorado, we have the resources and expertise to serve you.


“Corey and Ashley were very professional, communicative, and knowledgeable about every step of the case. We were hit by a drunk driver and didn’t know what the next step was to seek medical attention in a way that wasn’t a major expense to us. The attorneys here are super caring and got us a decent amount of money after paying off our treatment. I hope to never have to call a personal injury attorney but if I do it will be them.” – Eric M 5/5 Stars

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