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We’re Colorado Springs disability attorneys Bachus & Schanker LLC. We can represent you in your disability payments claim. Our team also represents people who are discriminated against on the basis of disability. When you need fair treatment under the law, we’re the skilled, aggressive, compassionate litigators that can help you get results. Contact our Colorado Springs disability attorneys today in order to begin.

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We never charge for a consultation with our Colorado Springs disability attorneys. Plus, we offer fee agreements that are transparent and always in writing. Come meet with our team in order to get to know us and learn about your case. See what your claim might be worth and what you need to do in order to pursue it. Learn how we provide disability law services to clients in Colorado Springs and throughout the United States.

Your time limit to file or pursue your appeal may be limited. We work to identify the documentation and legal arguments that you need to make your claim successful. We’re proud to help people like you get the compensation they deserve. Call or message us today.

Here are some reasons to consider our disability attorneys in Colorado Springs:

  • Get attorneys who have experience handling disability claims in Colorado
  • It’s our goal to get the best outcome for you. That’s why you can expect honest advice and aggressive legal representation from start to finish throughout your case
  • We thoroughly prepare for court appearances. Walk into court feeling prepared and knowing what to expect
  • Because we represent only individuals in disability and personal injury claims, we’ve spent years perfecting our craft. You can rely on our experience to help you navigate the complex disability claims process
  • You can expect professional, down-to-earth service. We know that it can be hard to face a disability. It’s our goal to represent you with kindness and respect. We thoroughly explain the process at each step.
  • Organizations like Super Lawyers and Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America have recognized our work. That matters to us because it’s a reflection of providing outstanding legal services for our clients
  • Throughout your representation, we have an open door policy. We connect with you by phone, email and in person throughout the case. We want you to be completely comfortable with the process, so we tailor our communication to your needs and preferences

There are several different types of disability payments. That means that there are several different ways to qualify for disability payments. Here are the different types of programs and their qualifications:

If you’re unable to work because of a medical condition, you may qualify for SSI payments. The condition must be expected to last one year or more or be expected to result in death. SSI provides basic income to pay your living expenses if you can’t work because of a medical condition. The funds are from the United States Treasury, so it’s not based on your work history. SSI payments are means tested, so you may receive less if you have other income sources.

When you become disabled after having a work history, you may qualify to claim SSDI payments. The SSDI program is like a government-run insurance program. You pay into the system while you work. Then, if you become disabled, you may qualify to make a claim for benefits.

To receive SSDI payments, you must have a work history of a certain period of time. The amount that you receive depends on your previous earnings for work. People who receive SSDI may also qualify for Medicare two years after their SSDI eligibility date.

Are you a veteran of the armed services? There are disability programs that may help you. The amount that you receive depends on your disability rating. It’s important that your rating is accurate.

Our team of Colorado Springs disability attorneys can help you file or appeal a decision about your rating. In fact, we can help you pursue your case all the way to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. We’re grateful for your service and serious about helping you exercise your rights.

A disability claim can be based on a private disability insurance policy. You may have a policy through your work. There may also be a private policy that you purchased yourself. When you have a disability claim, the private insurance company must honor their contract. When they unfairly deny your benefits, you may take legal action in order to enforce the agreement and get your benefits.

Sometimes, an employer attempts to discriminate against a person on the basis of a disability. The discrimination can happen right at the outset of the hiring process. An employer cannot refuse to hire someone based on a disability if the person can still perform the essential functions of the job with reasonable accommodation.

An employer must give a worker a reasonable accommodation for a disability. Reasonable accommodations may include:

  • Higher or lower tables to adjust height for sitting and standing
  • Magnifying screens or readers for computers
  • Changes to certifications and examinations like extra time or taking a test orally
  • Adjusting work hours or days
  • Moving locations to be closer to medical treatment
  • The presence of service and emotional support animals

Just like each disability is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all for an accommodation, either. Our team can help you pursue your rights if you’ve been denied a reasonable accommodation in the workplace.

A disability attorney helps you with the claims process from start to finish. Were you unfairly denied? We can help you identify what you did wrong and bring a successful appeal on your behalf. Are you filing for the first time? We can help you avoid mistakes that can drag the case out and result in unfair denials. A disability attorney knows the laws and the procedures to follow when filing a claim. We can guide you through the claims process with a calculated legal strategy that’s aimed for your success.


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