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Boulder and Broomfield Colorado Car Accident Attorneys

Our Boulder, Colorado car accident attorneys have helped thousands of injured car accident victims just like you. In fact, our entire legal careers are dedicated to helping accident victims. With millions in successful verdicts and thousands of satisfied clients, we know what it takes to get results. We’re the Boulder, Colorado car accident attorneys that get results. And we want to fight for you.

Colorado’s Car Accident Attorneys

A car accident attorney in Boulder Colorado handles every aspect of your legal claim until you have a fair result. They help you evaluate your legal case. They help you take the proper steps to receive compensation. Because an accident attorney has specialized training and experience, they can prepare a winning strategy on your behalf. Here are some of the ways that your car accident legal team helps you win the compensation that you deserve:

  • Helping you document your injuries through qualified medical attention
  • Specialized referrals to medical professionals who can fully document your injuries and your prognosis for recovery
  • Expert evaluation of your projected financial losses and personal care needs into the future
  • Calculation of current economic losses including medical bills and lost wages
  • Negotiations with the insurance company
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Filing legal documents
  • Executing a legal strategy including preliminary motions
  • Building of the case through information gathering, contacting witnesses, and the formal discovery process
  • Expert advice on whether you should accept a settlement or proceed to trial
  • Representation at all court hearings and trial
  • Assistance with collecting a judgment

Whatever it takes for your case to be successful, our car accident attorney team in Boulder is ready to fight for you. Each case receives our full and personalized attention until you get the result that you deserve.

Why Choose Bachus & Schanker

Every car accident claim is complex. You need a legal team with specialized training and experience to handle car accident cases. At Bachus & Schanker, LLC, justice is our passion. When you work with our team, you have the backing of an entire team of legal professionals fighting for you. An entire team of attorneys and professional assistants works together to make your claim a success.

We believe that personal, open communication with our clients makes a difference. When a lawyer works on your case, you can expect to speak directly with your lawyer any time you have a question. When there’s a development in the case, your lawyer reaches out to you. We communicate by phone and email. That’s how committed we are to establishing the right relationship with our clients throughout your case.

Ultimately, when we work together, the result is success for you. We’re not satisfied until you have a check-in your hands that represents justice. Come see what thousands of satisfied clients already know. At Bachus & Schanker, we’re the Boulder car accident attorneys who fight for our clients. Come see why justice is our passion.

How Many Years After a Car Accident Can You Make a Claim in Boulder, Colorado?

In Boulder, Colorado, you can make a claim for up to three years after a car accident. You must file your claim by the end of the day on the three-year anniversary of the car accident. However, some factors may shorten or lengthen the time that you have to file a car accident claim. It’s essential to speak with an experienced attorney for Boulder car accidents to determine how long you have to make a claim after a car accident.

Can I Settle My Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer?

Although you can settle a car accident claim without a lawyer, having a lawyer often results in a much higher settlement than you might receive trying to navigate the case on your own. In all but cases with very minor injuries, it’s wise to have a lawyer. An experienced lawyer is aware of legal strategies, and types of compensation that you may not be aware of that could significantly increase the ultimate result of your car accident claim.

What Is the Process of a Car Accident Claim in Boulder, CO?

In Boulder, CO, a car accident claim begins with an investigation and evaluation of the case. Sometimes, the investigation of a case is as simple as reading a police report. In other circumstances, you need to perform accident reconstruction, speak with witnesses, and examine all the evidence to investigate the claim. Once you determine the cause of the accident, you evaluate how Colorado laws apply to the case.

Winning an accident claim may mean negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company or the other party before your case even goes to court. Settlement negotiations are a complicated process that requires strategy and skill. If you’re unable to fairly resolve your claim through settlement negotiations, you file a claim in a Boulder court. You prepare and present the evidence to convince the jury that you deserve fair compensation for your injuries. You negotiate a settlement while you build a strong case for trial. If your case goes to trial, you present the evidence and ask the jury to award you a just amount of compensation. An experienced attorney can handle every aspect of the claim on your behalf.

Boulder Car Accident Lawyers Free Consultation

Call us today for your free consultation with our Boulder car accident lawyers. There’s never a cost to meet with our legal team to talk about what you might recover for your claim. Allow our team to answer all of your questions and tell you how you might receive the compensation that you deserve when you’re a car accident victim.

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Are you the victim of a car accident? Our attorneys want you to get the most compensation that you deserve. We want to help you resolve your claim in the most efficient way possible while you get every dollar that’s owed to you under Colorado law. Our Boulder, Colorado car accident attorneys are standing by to take your call. The sooner you call, the sooner we can fight for you. Call us today.

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