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Broomfield, Colorado, offers hundreds of miles of trails for walkers and bicyclists, as well as vast outdoor public spaces for people to enjoy. Thanks to its proximity to Denver and Boulder, it’s possible to live in Broomfield and commute to work. Just over 66,000 people call the city of Broomfield, Colorado, home.

Although Broomfield residents enjoy warm, clear summer days, the city is known for gray skies and snowfall during the winter months. Broomfield often sees an inch or more of snow by mid-October, with the snowfall amounts rising throughout the coldest months of the year.

The deep snow contributes to hazardous driving conditions, producing slippery roads and reducing visibility. Accident alerts are common in the area because of the volume and frequency of snowfall in the winter. Sometimes, even the most experienced drivers can’t avoid car crashes in bad weather, and car crash victims may need a personal injury lawyer to help them cope with the aftermath of an accident.

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What is the statute of limitations for a car accident personal injury claim in Broomfield, Colorado?

The statute of limitations establishes a deadline for pursuing legal action. Each state sets a statute of limitations for criminal and civil court proceedings, and victims must file paperwork with the courts before the time frame expires.

In Colorado, most accident victims must file personal injury claims within two years of the date of the incident. However, Colorado’s statute of limitations for car accident claims gives accident victims three years to proceed with legal action.

Can you settle your car accident claim without a lawyer?

Accident victims may wonder if they can resolve their car accident case without hiring an attorney. Technically, an accident victim can negotiate a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Accident victims can also pursue their cases as pro se litigants and represent themselves in court.

In some cases, accident victims are nervous about the potential legal costs associated with court cases. Others may need to realize the potential benefits of hiring an attorney. You’ll receive a free consultation when you contact our Broomfield car accident attorneys. When you hire one of our lawyers, you won’t pay any legal fees until we win your case. We charge contingency fees, a percentage of your judgment. Contingency fees are not payable until you receive your settlement.

How do you know if you need a lawyer after a car accident?

Most people don’t have enough legal knowledge to navigate a court case alone. Learning about the legal system while recovering from an accident can be overwhelming. Since legal mistakes can cause delays that affect your ability to get the compensation you need, stress could impair your recovery. Hiring a lawyer in Broomfield, Colorado, to deal with your vehicle accident case lets you focus on your physical and mental health while an expert legal team prepares your case.

There are also many other reasons to contact an attorney. Some insurance companies pressure accident victims to accept less compensation than they deserve. Hiring an attorney also ensures your peace of mind because they understand all the grounds for compensation that could apply to your case, enabling them to maximize your settlement.

What type of damages can be recovered from a car accident case in Broomfield?

man standing outside his car after a car accident in Broomfield, Colorado

Damages are monetary amounts paid to victims in personal injury lawsuits. These figures fall into several different categories. You may be able to claim economic, non-economic, punitive, and physical impairment damages. An accident victim’s spouse or partner may also seek compensation for loss of consortium or wrongful death.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are fixed costs, such as medical treatment bills and the costs of replacing or fixing a damaged vehicle. You can seek compensation for past, current, and future personal and medical expenses. Economic damages include actual expenses, such as paying for child care services or personal care aides during your recovery and lost wages if you cannot work.

Non-Economic Damages

You may have medical bills for treating whiplash or other injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury (SCI), you claim as economic damages. However, you can also seek non-economic damages to compensate you for how your injuries impact your life.

Suppose you need months of physical therapy and have to use assistive devices while recovering from an SCI. During this time, you cannot engage in regular activities like skiing or snowshoeing. Non-economic damages compensate you for pain and suffering and the emotional toll you experience from your injuries.

Punitive Damages

Colorado limits the amount of punitive damages victims can receive, but some accident victims can pursue these in addition to other damages. Punitive damages rely on your legal team’s ability to provide willful negligence that directly contributed to your accident.

Suppose you’re driving home, and it’s snowing. The roads are slippery, so you reduce your speed. Another driver exceeds the speed limit and texts on their phone while driving. Consequently, they fail to stop at a stop sign and hit your vehicle when you have the right of way. Their failure to reduce their speed in hazardous driving conditions and their decision to engage in distracted driving is grounds for providing negligence and seeking punitive damages.

Physical Impairment Damages

Physical impairments refer to the physical impact of your injuries. This category covers injuries that don’t necessarily have ongoing medical costs, such as scars. Colorado law distinguishes damages for physical impairments from non-economic damages because non-economic damages are subject to caps determining the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Loss of Consortium

An accident victim’s spouse or life partner can pursue compensation for loss of consortium based on how their partner’s injuries impact their relationship. For example, a spouse could seek compensation if their partner could no longer procreate due to accident injuries. Loss of consortium compensation also covers sexual dysfunction and the spouse’s inability to engage in routine activities the couple used to enjoy together.

Wrongful Death

An accident victim’s spouse, parents, or children can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit if their loved one dies from their injuries. Wrongful death suits can include compensation for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

What is the process of a car accident claim in Broomfield, CO?

You can begin addressing your car accident claim from the scene of the accident. Contact a Broomfield car accident lawyer to discuss your case and follow their counsel when speaking to police and other involved parties after the accident. Your lawyer will prompt you to get a copy of the police report and seek medical attention, ensuring you have documentation substantiating your injuries.

When you hire a Broomfield personal injury lawyer, your legal team handles the accident investigation. They’ll talk to witnesses and seek supporting evidence, such as security camera footage. Your legal team will use this evidence to ensure you have a compelling case.

Your legal team will also file paperwork with the court and have papers served to the defendants. They’ll ensure these steps are complete before the statute of limitations expires.

Sometimes, your legal team can negotiate a settlement without going to court. You may also have to go to trial to get the compensation you deserve.

Serving All Areas of Broomfield, Colorado

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