Posted in on January 31, 2008

Wildlife Vehicle Collisons Increase 50 Percent

A new study by Montana State University that was submitted to Congress by the Federal Highway Administration was released on Wednesday, January 31, stating that accidents between wildlife animals and vehicles have increased by 50 percent since 1990.

On U.S. 36 between Boulder and Lyons in Colorado, it was stated that around seven and fifteen elk are hit and killed every winter season. Boulder County officials now want to start protecting both the wildlife and motorists from accidents that kill more than 200 U.S. motorists and injure thousands more.

In order to increase the amount of protection for both drivers and wildlife, the study suggests more use of wildlife warning signs, animal detection systems, wildlife fencing and wildlife underpasses and overpasses along with the possibility of a new night-time highway speed limit which would force drivers to slow down at dusk and in early morning when wildlife herds tend to move.

A more detailed article about this important study and Wildlife collision improvement can be found here.

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