Top Ten Dangerous Toys for 2008

Top Ten Dangerous Toys for 2008

December 1, 2008 | Miscellaneous, Product Liability

Just in time for Santa’s visit this Christmas, >World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) has just released its 10 Worst Toys” for 2008. This list exposes toy hazards that are seen year after year and although these particular toys are only indicative of the type of hazards that exist, there are many other toys on the market that encompass the same hazards as the top ten list.

WATCH nominates toys for the worst list based on the potential to cause injuries or even death in children.

WATCH is non-profit dedicated to child safety consumer advocacy. For over thirty years WATCH founder, Edward M. Swartz has monitored potentially dangerous toys and the laws and federal and state agencies that are supposed to protect our children from these dangerous toys. Through education of children, their parents and the toy industry along with extensive national media coverage, WATCH has been responsible many toy and product recalls and design changes.

As he states in Toy That Kill, Swartz believes,

“Children must be educated about the dangers that can exist for themselves, their friends, and relatives, brothers and sisters. They must learn to be concerned citizens and crusaders against things that are harmful to themselves and over which they can exert some control.”

Here’s the Top Ten List for 2008

Animal Alley Purse Pet
Ninja Battle Gear – Michelangelo
Walk’n Sounds Digger the Dog
Pucci Puppies – My Own Puppy House Golden Retriever
Meadow Mystery Play-A-Sound Book with Cuddly Pooh
Inflatable Giga Ball
Spider-Man Adjustable Toy Skates
Sportsman Shotgun
Extreme Spiral Copters

Let’s make the 2008 gift giving season a safe one for our children. Let’s start by educating ourselves about what features pose a threat to our children’s safety by taking a look at WATCH’s “Toy Hazards to Watch Out For.”

Happy Safe Holidays!


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