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Safe Family Fall Activities in Colorado

Another year has almost come to an end, meaning that we’ve made it through the dreadful, sweaty summer months. The leaves are changing, the school year is in full swing, and the weather is finally getting cooler. November in Colorado is a great time to take advantage of the crisp fall air, bundle up with your family, and
enjoy some seasonal activities. But with all that Colorado autumns offer, it’s a good idea to sit back and plan fun, safe activities for all members of your family.

Apple picking
Changing leaves are arguably one of autumn’s best features. From September through November, we can enjoy the beautiful Colorado trees as their leaves change from green to different hues of red, orange, and yellow. But don’t forget about something else autumn trees have to offer: apple picking. This can be a great family activity, especially for little children who love fruit.

But before you make your way to the orchard, you might want to consider some apple picking safety tips. Make sure you know what type of apples you’ll be picking. Many orchards offer different varieties, like organic apples and apples sprayed with pesticides. Make sure to visit an orchard that offers apples your family will actually eat; nothing’s more disappointing for children than not being able to eat fresh apples they plucked from trees themselves.

Fall festivals
Most cities in Colorado offer fall festivals, from Denver to Grand Junction. No matter where you live, fall festivals have tons of fun and safe activities for the entire family. Many festivals include corn mazes, where you can navigate your way through miles of hedges—hopefully without getting lost. Corn mazes can be enjoyable for everyone, especially if you take time beforehand to explain some safety tips.

In corn mazes, it’s important to keep track of each other at all times—especially if you have young children. Consider bringing strollers or baby carriers —or even instruct your older children on the best ways to keep track of their siblings. Keeping track of each other at all times will make sure your family has as much fun as possible, without any crying children or panicked parents.

Seasonal farmer’s markets
Colorado offers some of the best fruits and vegetables in the country, brought to you directly by farmers and local businesses at farmer’s markets. November is a great time to pick up fresh fruits and veggies before winter sets in; from carrots to kale, you can get almost whatever fresh foods your family loves. But with all of this fresh, sometimes unsprayed food, it’s important to remember food safety.

When bringing home your fresh produce, take the time to inspect it, looking for bruising or bugs, which your family won’t likely enjoy eating. Thoroughly wash all of your produce under running water to remove dirt—because remember, this food is not treated as it would be in a super market. Food safety is a great way
to ensure that you get the most out of your fresh fall produce, preparing you for the barren winter months.

Colorado offers so many fun, family-friendly activities in the fall, but don’t let yourself get caught up in the excitement of the upcoming holidays. Take the time to plan safe activities for your family so you can have the best time possible without having to worry about injuries, trips to the emergency room, and crying kids.

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