New Colorado law will show doctor’s malpractice history online

New Colorado law will show doctor’s malpractice history online

January 2, 2008 | Medical Malpractice

A new state law called The Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act requires doctors moving to Colorado, and soon all doctors, to disclose any medical malpractice judgments on a website.

The law was signed in 2007 after Michael Skolnik passed away in 2004. Skolnik blacked out mysteriously in 2001 and a neurosurgeon said to operate immediately. Skolnik went through several surgeries and his condition continued to deteriorate over two years. His parents blamed the doctor, saying they tried to do research but found no information about the doctor or the record of the doctor’s prior medical malpractice settlement in another state.

The new state law requires new doctors to make disclosures as they apply for licenses. The remainder of Colorado doctor’s will be added to the new online database when their licenses are renewed in 2009.

According to the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners, each year, approximately 800 complaints are made against Colorado physicians and physician assistants. To find out the status of a particular physician’s license, or to report a medical malpractice incident, please visit the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners website.

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