Posted in on February 22, 2008

Largest Meat Recall in US History

Westland/Hallmark Meat Company, the supplier of ground beef to U.S. school lunch programs, recalled a record 143.4 million pounds of meat after the government said it was unfit for humans.

To me, this story is just wrong on some many levels. That Corporate America has chosen to ignore a defect in their product and put profits before public safety is sickening.

To contemplate that I or my children while at school, might have eaten meat from a diseased animal is sickening. I find it hard to believe that management at Westland/Hallmark did not know this was going on. Cows are large animals. They process a huge number of these large animals. A forklift is a large piece of equipment. I wouldn’t think it would be very easy to sneak around with a forklift pushing around a 2,000 pound animal. I find it hard to believe nobody noticed.

For the USDA to say “the risk of consumers contracting BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), also known as mad-cow disease from the meat is negligible,” is sickening. I’d like to see that guy sit down with his children and eat a burger made from the recalled meat.

Animal cruelty is sickening. We all know hamburgers come from cows and some of us would rather not think about the actual process. That a human being knowingly engaged in the kind of behavior caught on the Human Society video against a helpless animal is intolerable.

“How much longer will we test our luck with weak enforcement of federal food safety regulations?” askes Senator Tom Harkin. I”m certainly not comfortable playing Russian roulette with my cheeseburger. Makes you wonder if Westland/Hallmark wasn’t in compliance, how many other companies aren’t either? I’m certainly not comfortable playing Russian roulette with my cheeseburger.

Let’s hold Corporate America accountable here. An animal cruelty charge to 2 workers at this plant is not good enough.

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