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Injury Lawyer Denver – Bachus & Schanker Reviews – James Brown

Video Transcription
I was coming up on Kalamath and heading East on 6th Avenue, approached the red light and came to a complete stop. And when I was there, waiting for the light to turn green, a car, heading at a pretty high speed, had been trying to shift from the left lane to the far right lane at which point made direct impact with the back of my car. Well, as I was sitting in my car, I was in shock that it just happened. Unfortunately, I had my left hand on the steering wheel and as the impact took place, I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder and it happened to be cold out and as I stood up to get out of my car, I wasn’t sure if it was the shock or if it was the cold temperature, but I started to shiver and I thought, “Huh”, this could be more serious than I thought. Well, I had been living in Denver for a couple of years and I had been made known of Bachus & Schanker and I decided to give them a call and after the first interview I was very impressed with the lawyer and with the services that he was going to provide me. Having a lawyer made the whole process of one year and nine months, very comforting and very reassuring to know that the team was working for me. The personal care that I was give, the constant phone calls and emails, the follow-up and all the documents that were needed. Just the personal care and concern that they were showing toward me as a person. “Thank you.” Thank you [Bachus & Schanker] for carrying me for the last 19 months, 20 months, whatever it was. You made my life easier and at the end, we got a settlement that I think was fair for what happened.

Injury Lawyer Denver – Bachus & Schanker Reviews – James Brown

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