Posted in on May 6, 2010

Governor signs landmark “Make Whole” bill into law

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter recently signed House Bill 10-1168, also known as the Make Whole bill, into law. The new law offers more protection for consumers from unfair insurance practices, particularly those instituted by health insurance companies.

For example, if a person is injured in a car accident, the person at fault may not have enough insurance coverage or money to fully pay for the injured party’s healthcare costs, attorney fees, and other expenses. In the past, the health insurance companies covering injured parties required that they be reimbursed for their up-front payments before the injured party received any sort of compensation outside of medical bills. They levied this requirement even if it meant there would be no injured party compensation at all.

The Make Whole bill — now a law — reverses the order of payment. Injured parties receive full payment, or are “made whole,” before any money is remanded to the health insurance company. This allows consumers to cover all the expenses and losses that can result from accidents resulting in injury before having to pay any money to their health insurance provider.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Claire Levy, (D-Boulder) and Sen. Pat Steadman, (D-Denver). Health insurance companies vehemently opposed the bill, and it has many detractors, but those who support it see it as a triumph for Colorado residents and consumers. Thirty-six other states already have similar laws in place.

Bachus & Schanker, LLC is proud to have supported the Make Whole bill.

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