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Denver Premises Liability Attorney – Bachus and Schanker Reviews Diane McMurtry

Video Transcription
I fell, it was a slip and fall on ice in my apartment complex. When I fell, after getting my mail, I went and slipped on a piece of ice that I did not see and when I hit the ground I dislocated my elbow and shattered the bone in my arm. I don’t really remember too much, I was in extreme pain, I was having a hard time getting up because I only had the one arm and every time I moved, the pain would shoot up my shoulder. The fact that I had a little dog running around loose that I was trying to get back to me, um, that pretty much was it. Basically, was trying to get back to my apartment at that time so I could make a phone call and have somebody come and help me. My whole thought process at the time was not to sue anybody but just to ask for help with my medical expenses…through the company that owned the apartment complex. When they (apartment complex owner) didn’t want to call me back or check back with me after six attempts, a friend of my said “I’ve heard good things about Bachus & Schanker and maybe you should call them.” And that is when I finally called for help. It was late, just before Christmas one day when a lawyer called me and said he was on his way to my house with paperwork that I had to sign so they could move forward with the lawsuit because nothing was happening. So, I even had door to door service which was way more than I thought would ever happen. Thank you for your dedication, it was a small case, but I appreciate everything that you have done to get it finished and get it settled. You have a great group of people working here at Bachus & Schanker.

Denver Premises Liability Attorney – Bachus and Schanker Reviews Diane McMurtry

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