Denver Personal Injury Attorney Review

Denver Personal Injury Attorney Review

January 12, 2016 | Client Reviews

Video Transcription
I was on the corner of, if I remember correctly, 13th and Yosemite [Denver, Colorado area] that is the general proximity, I am not real sure. I was headed westbound and a car in the right bound lane, it is a one Way Street, the car on my right, slightly ahead of me made a left-hand turn from the right lane. Just wondering if I was O.K. and hoping that everybody was O.K. and realizing that my car was towed and this is probably going to be a hospital bill and an attorney visit. I saw an ad about Bachus & Schanker and I just figured they were good attorneys to use so that was my choice. And I came in and spoke to someone in the office and they were very knowledgeable. You’ve got the legal technicality of the law which most people don’t know that is in correspondence to driving so it is better to have an attorney not just for your representation but also for bills and you know while you are off work and going through the I guess the injuries and the mental stress, you are going to need somebody to deal with the legal part of it. There is a lot of technicality and a lot of stuff to do so the attorneys are able to help you in that area as well as well as getting good representation-getting finances taken care of. The attorneys were always very helpful, giving a lot of insight and some knowledge so not only did I learn some things, but they were always at my availability if I needed some help as far as a question or I didn’t have the information that I needed to contact my doctors or someone they had that information available and were able to get me the information that I needed. So helped me in the process from start to finish. They are a good firm and they are honest with all the decisions that I had to make. They were upfront about the laws and kept me informed and educated me on what I needed to know concerning my case and also the Colorado laws and statutes and any questions that I had. So they were helpful from start to finish. Definitely use Bachus & Schanker. Keep up the good work.

Denver Personal Injury Attorney Review


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