Posted in , on October 15, 2015

Denver Personal Injury Attorney – Bachus & Schanker Review

Video Transcription
I was in Longmont, Colorado and we went into a liquor store to get a frozen margarita. The owner said he had them when it turned out he didn’t, he got upset and started calling us names and then attacked me with a golf club. I was in shock; the golf club went through my head. The advertisement, it was always on, real professional. I know that you guys [Bachus & Schanker] would get the job done. Just how much, how everybody has their insurance company’s [and they] take you guys seriously so they know that you guys weren’t playing when they heard from you. They knew it was on. Thanks for all the hard work and I appreciate it. They don’t play, they [Bachus & Schanker] will get the job done.

Denver Personal Injury Attorney – Bachus & Schanker Review

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