Posted in on January 8, 2015

Denver Car Accident Attorney Review – Kyrsti Farmer

Video Transcription
I was going to work on my bike, I was riding on the pedestrian bike path and a driver who was turning into a golf course, the sun had come up, I don’t think she was paying attention to where she was going, but she didn’t look before she turned and she hit me as she turned into the parking lot. I just remember thinking, “uh oh”, you know like this changes everything and I hope nothing is really wrong, and not sure what to do, I guess is the biggest thing that I was really worried about. Putting back together the little pieces of things that would make stuff normal again. Those are the first things I was thinking about. Bachus & Schanker had excellent reviews. I’ve never had to deal with something of this caliber before in my life, so I just wanted to make sure I made the right choice for me and I felt confident after meeting for the first time that is who I wanted to go with. I loved my experience here. I mean everyone in the office I dealt with, naturally several people in the course of ending this whole thing, and everyone was just so straightforward and polite and generous and made it a very strong point that all my questions would be answered anytime I needed something they were back to me in the most timely manner possible, which I appreciated. It was nice to have somebody talk to me as more of a person instead of just a case file which was way cool. It helped make my transition of going through all this much easier. And then, as far as everyone else going, everyone just had a great work ethic and teamwork together so everyone was on board and if one person couldn’t get in touch with you another would or vice-versa. I could always find someone to talk to who would get me an answer or get me in touch with the right person for an answer. I really was worried about getting a lawyer,
I really was. It was something that I don’t know much about, so I wasn’t sure if maybe it would be a bad choice for me or not knowing what was going on maybe agreeing to something that I didn’t fully understand. I made a lotof cautious thoughts like that went through my mind, but everything I could have wanted to be answered was answered immediately, right from the get-go. Having a source I could constantly rely on for contact washuge. This company [Bachus & Schanker] is just…I really appreciate how much effort went into handling my case and making sure it was more personalized. I mean, I got calls saying like “How are you doing physically?” and that had nothing to do with the case, it was just a call to see how it was going. You know that was mind blowing for me. I really think that sometimes you do get in over your head with legal matters and it’s totally appropriate to ask for help in a situation like that. I am really thankful I did from Bachus & Schanker. I’m happy.

Denver Car Accident Attorney Review

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