Posted in on April 12, 2017

Bachus and Schanker – Michele Maxie Client Review

So I was in an auto accident and after the accident my insurance company wasn’t paying for my rehabilitation, my surgeries all of my post-operative rehabilitation. They should have paid for all of that therapy and the surgeries and stuff and they did not. When I tried to deal with the insurance company myself on the med-pay , I didn’t get anything from them. Going to Bachus and Schanker helped me get payment finally. I had complete accessibility to my lawyer at all times, and to the paralegals. I was kept up to date on everything that was happening on my case. At no point in time did I not know what was going on, and what step we were in the process. I like the fact that you guys are really honest about everything. If you are ever in an accident, or you need help dealing with the insurance company, definitely go with Bachus and Schanker, because they are going to help you out.

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