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John Elway Supports Allstate’s Safe Teen Driving Program

John Elway, the Hall of Fame Denver Broncos quarterback, recently made two of his younger kids sign a downloadable contract between parents and teenagers which promotes safe teen driving. Presently, Elway serves as a spokesperson for Allstate Insurance Co.’s teen safe driving campaign.

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Senate Bill 256 – Getting Consumers What They’ve Paid For

Quick question. Do you really understand how your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (“UM/UIM”) currently works in Colorado?

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Rocky Mountain News Misses the Point – Again

A seemingly innocuous proposed bill has recently come under attack by our very own Rocky Mountain News. Senate Bill 248 is a bill that will exponentially help consumers and the medical community. It’s aimed at education and informed choice in the realm of medical malpractice insurance. SB 248 allows for a hearing in front of…

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Is Your Home Insurance Coverage Adequate?

The recent natural disaster to hit Colorado came as a complete shock to the residents of Holly, Colorado. Seeing images of the vast path of destruction the tornado left behind serves as a reminder that adequate home insurance coverage is necessary to begin to rebuild. Is your home insurance adequate? Here are some basic tips…

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“The Three ‘D’s

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees aired a segment on February 26, 2007, called “Keeping them Honest.” This segment clearly shows what lengths State Farm and Allstate will go to avoid paying valid and legitimate claims.

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Insurance Companies Collect Record Premiums, Pay a Fraction of the Benefits

I have recently seen news clips and information about how some victims of Hurricane Katrina have been shafted because of insurance company decisions not to pay for water and flood damage caused by the Hurricane.

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