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Client Reviews

Bachus and Schanker – Josh M. Client Review

April 14, 2017

Transcription: Bachus and Schanker – Actual Client Story… I had got hurt at work. Two days before surgery they had laid me off. I was under doctor restriction, I had worked up like I said, two days before my surgery, under the restrictions and they weren’t giving me any reasonable accommodations. I was still lifting…

Bachus and Schanker – Michele Maxie Client Review

April 12, 2017

Transcription: So I was in an auto accident and after the accident my insurance company wasn’t paying for my rehabilitation, my surgeries all of my post-operative rehabilitation. They should have paid for all of that therapy and the surgeries and stuff and they did not. When I tried to deal with the insurance company myself…

Denver Premises Liability Attorney Review

January 27, 2016

Video Transcription As I went into the bar they announced on the intercom that whoever is in the parking lot, there car is getting towed. I went out and all the cars that were in that lot were gone except for mine. Mine was getting ready to get put on the lift. And we had…

Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer Review

January 26, 2016

Video Transcription Well we were local in Aurora, and then there was a guy, he was drunk and he hit us in the back, and then we were kinda, you know it was really crazy because we were scared, because we have our kids and my husband. So right there and then I was thinking…

Bachus & Schanker Client Testimonial

January 21, 2016

Video Transcription Well, my husband is actually driving and we were coming home from the store and we came out of the parking lot and a lady slide over and hit us on my side. Clipped the car while my husband was driving. Basically that is what happened. I hit the windshield first with my…

Denver Wrongful Termination Attorney Review

January 18, 2016

Video Transcription I had been diagnosed with Grave’s disease and was fired three days after I started taking prescription medication which was in violation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). So, I looked for some help. It is always best to ask for help especially if it’s in an area that you don’t know…

Denver Personal Injury Lawyer Review

January 15, 2016

Video Transcription I was in the passenger seat of my friend’s Land Rover. We were driving on the way to work. He was going to drop me off at my first building at about 7:15 in the morning, we were driving somewhere in the area of downtown Denver near the Coors stadium when two vehicles…

Denver Personal Injury Attorney Review

January 12, 2016

Video Transcription I was on the corner of, if I remember correctly, 13th and Yosemite [Denver, Colorado area] that is the general proximity, I am not real sure. I was headed westbound and a car in the right bound lane, it is a one Way Street, the car on my right, slightly ahead of me…

Bachus & Schanker Client Testimonial

January 7, 2016

Video Transcription I was rear-ended [car accident] at a traffic light at Parker and Orchard here in Denver [Colorado]. A gentleman in a Dodge Ram pickup rear-ended a Ford Focus and that female driver hit my tow hitch causing all the impact to come into my pickup and my vehicle, hitting my head. At the…

Bachus & Schanker Client Review

January 4, 2016

Video Transcription I was rear ended, I was in my vehicle on Alameda and Teller [a suburb area of Denver, Colorado] and I was rear ended by another vehicle, pushed me into the intersection. It was about the middle of the afternoon, and I went to the hospital in the ambulance. I sustained neck injury…

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