Posted in on July 20, 2009

Boulder Teen hopes Third Time’s a Charm for Kidney Transplant

Kelsey Crider has been battling kidney disease ever since graduating from high school when a routine pre-college health exam revealed Kelsey was suffering from medullary cystic kidney disease. While she had no symptoms at the time, this life threatening disease causes the kidneys to gradually shut down.

While Kelsey has been fortunate in that she has had two previous transplants, first from her father and then from a family friend, both failed due to Kelsey’s antibody sensitivity.

Her new donor, a local woman named Kaye, who wishes to remain anonymous, empathized with Kelsey’s plight.

“I just had empathy and said to myself, Gosh, what if that were my daughter; what would I do?” Kaye said. “For a 19-year-old to have to deal with this at the beginning of her life — she deserves more. She deserves an opportunity at a full life.”

After extensive testing at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, Kaye was determined to be the best match and the surgery is scheduled for this Friday, July 24th.

We wish Kelsey the best and also pray for those who are still waiting for their donor.

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