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Back-to-School Safety for Your Little Ones


Back-to-School Safety for Your Little Ones

August 23, 2016 | Safety Information

Summer has come to an end and that means the kids are soon heading back to school. Every parent knows the feeling of sending their little ones to school, only to worry about whether they are healthy, happy and coping well. Here are five ways to take the worry out of being a school parent and to ensure your child has a safe day at school every day.

1. Choose the right backpack. When perusing the heavily-stocked school supplies aisles, it’s hard to know what products are worth purchasing. It’s tempting to buy a backpack based on your child’s favorite superhero—but if you do, make sure it’s brightly-colored with reflective qualities, for increased visibility on trips to and from school. It’s also a good idea to test the backpacks comfort level—remember, your child will be lugging it around for hours each day.

2. Get there safely. If your child won’t be walking or riding the bus to school, car transportation is the obvious alternative. Parents can spend more time with their children and ensure they get to school safely. However, did you know that more children are hit by cars near schools than any other locations? To prevent this, educate your children on the schools drop-off and pick-up procedures, to ensure they’re walking in the right locations and getting to classes on time.

3. Walk the right path. If you and your child live close enough to school that walking is an option, go back to basics and take proper safety precautions such as always using crosswalks and looking both ways before crossing streets. When available, always use sidewalks to stay out of the way of school traffic. If there arent any sidewalks around, carefully walk on the side of the road while facing oncoming traffic, making sure you can see cars and they can see you.

4. Roll out the bikes. Riding a bike or scooter to school is a great way to get exercise and speed up commute time. However, the freedom it entails can often lead children to forget important safety rules, such as always wearing a properly fitting helmet, and being aware of all surrounding traffic. Take the time to explain and reinforce road rules to your children so that they know how to safely navigate their way to and from school.

5. Play it safe. Recess and outdoor time give children a healthy, fun outlet to break up the school day. But amid all the fun, they tend to need reminders about important safety rules, such as avoiding playing on hard surfaces in case they trip or fall. Teach your children to play within their capabilities, and make sure they dont become overheated or climb dangerously high. Proper safety measures can ensure that recess is always the best time of the school day.

The start of the school year is an exciting time for children—they get to meet their new teachers and see their friends after long summer vacations. But with all this excitement, make sure to keep safety in mind. Taking proper precautions means you can rest assured they’re safe and happy.



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