Posted in on October 8, 2014

Bachus & Schanker, LLC Client Review – Pedestrian Accident Case

Video Transcription
My dog and I were on our morning walk and we were crossing in a cross walk, when the traffic stopped and a car that was stopped across the way didn’t see us and hit my dog and I in the cross walk. It was a very unique experience it was something I would have never thought could happen. I went to the chiropractor and got checked out and tried to work with the insurance company. They were just impossible to work with, in fact they even told me that I could buy a new dog for $500 so they didn’t want to pay for her medical bills. It was really stressful situation, when you are going through that. You’re hurt and your dog is hurt and you are trying to figure out who is going to pay the bills and what to do with everything. After meeting with Maaren, I just felt comfortable with her and thought it was a good fit. It’s not worth the headache, it’s worth it to get somebody who knows what they are doing and can negotiate on your behalf. I just feel like they went the extra mile. Maaren and Kelly were both very on-top of things. Kelly followed up great, and keep me in the know of what was going on and they were just very nice to work with. I was blessed to work with them.

Bachus and Schanker Reviews – Pedestrian Accident

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