Bachus & Schanker Joins MADD Colorado to Eliminate Drunk Driving

Bachus & Schanker Joins MADD Colorado to Eliminate Drunk Driving

July 21, 2009 | Drunk Driving

Every year, nearly 13,000 people are killed by drunk drivers with an illegal alcohol level of .08 BAC or above. That means that every month more than 1,000 families must live with the tragic consequences of drunk driving. Since MADD was founded in 1980, alcohol-related fatalities have declined by more than 40 percent, but there’s still more to be done.

That is why MADD launched a major offensive in the war against drunk driving the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. As MADD Colorado’s Statewide Sponsor, Bachus & Schanker provides crucial support to MADD Colorado’s efforts to eliminate drunk driving in our state.

Through the four elements below, the Campaign makes the idea of eliminating one the United States’ primary health threats a real possibility.
Mandatory Ignition Interlocks: The main reason people drive drunk today is because they can. Technology currently exists that has the potential to eliminate repeat drunk driving offenses – the alcohol ignition interlock. To realize a nation without drunk driving, we must substantially increase the use of ignition interlocks to include all convicted drunk driving offenders. MADD is dedicated to supporting state legislation that expands the use of current alcohol ignition interlock technology so that interlocks are mandatory for all convicted drunk drivers in all 50 states.
Increased Law Enforcement: High-visibility enforcement remains the cornerstone of successful efforts to reduce drunk driving – and the American public supports these efforts by law enforcement agencies as they patrol the roads, day in and day out, to protect the public from drunk drivers. MADD supports high-visibility law enforcement crackdowns during high-risk holidays including Labor Day and the end-of-year New Year’s holidays, saturation patrols and roving patrols and sobriety checkpoints.
Advanced Vehicle Technology: When you think about how far technology has come from anti-theft sensors that can shut down the engine to a car that parallel parks itself, it’s highly conceivable that in 10 years cars will have alcohol sensors to stop drunk driving all together. MADD supports the work of cooperative researchers to create voluntary advanced in-vehicle technology that prevents an impaired driver from operating the vehicle, provided the technology is non-intrusive to a sober driver.
Public Support: MADD and its 400+ affiliates and thousands of members are leading the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. To ensure the success of the Campaign, we need your help. We’re mobilizing grassroots support like never before.

Together we can take the fight against drunk driving to a new and unprecedented level. Join MADD, Bachus & Schanker, and the thousands of people nationwide who have signed the Pledge to Eliminate Drunk Driving.

For more information about how you can volunteer to help keep our communities safe in Colorado, go to


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