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Bachus and Schanker Reviews – Amber Warren Car Accident Case

Video Transcription
I was turning, I was taking my daughter to school. There is a blind corner in our complex and snow on the ground and the guy took the corner at going about 30 [M.P.H.] and I was going about 5 or 10 [M.P.H.] and right into the driver’s side of my car. My daughter wasn’t injured though, thank God. My insurance agent told me about Bachus & Schanker, she said “Try them out, I’ve heard good things about them,” she didn’t use them personally but she said “I’ve heard a lot of good things about them, try them out.” So I did. Do your homework and I’m glad that I picked Bachus and Schanker only because they just respond, on-time, right away. If I had a phone call, somebody actually picked up the phone and I didn’t have to leave a bunch of messages so that to me was really important. Just keep doing what they are doing [Bachus & Schanker] they are doing a great job.

Bachus and Schanker Reviews – Amber Warren Car Accident Case

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