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Bachus and Schanker – Colorado Car Accident Attorney Review

Video Transcription
I was going to pick up my kids from school. I was driving in Castle Rock [Colorado], as I normally…the road I normally take, when a car decided to make a U-turn in front of me; I had nowhere to go, so I impacted him at 45 M.P.H. The next thing I know I woke up in the hospital. When I finally realized what was going on, I woke up with the doctor telling me that I would basically lose full use of my left hand. After about seven surgeries and being in the hospital for about seven days, I came up with Compartment syndrome; it was terrible. I still can’t fully grip. I can’t use my left hand fully and I basically live a one-handed life. Years ago I worked with Mrs. Bachus on her Dolls for Daughter program and I remember her telling me that her husband was a lawyer in Denver. So I looked it up and did my research and found nothing but wonderful reviews and great testimonials about Bachus & Schanker law firm. So I called and made an appointment. They got me in the same day. I came down and they truly made me feel like family. They listened, they cared and I felt like they were really, really concerned for my best interest. You can’t do this alone. The things that Bachus & Schanker did for me and the case A) I would have never thought of and B) helped sealed the deal and made it very, very easy. The amounts of paperwork you have to go through, the interrogations, the questions, nobody can do this on their own. Bachus & Schanker did an amazing job for me. I have actually referred two people to Bachus & Schanker. Bachus & Schanker is the only law firm I would recommend in Denver. “Thank you.” Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I was so worried and had so many issues so many things going through my head and you guys took all that away from me and took the responsibility and really ran with it. You made my life so much better. Took away all the stress. I truly appreciate everything you guys have done. I’ll never forget it.

Bachus and Schanker – Colorado Car Accident Attorney Review

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