Posted in on November 19, 2008

A Mother’s Grief Leads to Dolls for Daughters

The tremendous grief you experience when you have lost a child can never be erased. A piece of you dies when your child dies. All the hopes, dreams, and memories you were to create are lost. There are times when you are not sure how you will go on and when the pain will ease. In January 2007, I lost my second daughter, Kenzi. She was stillborn when I was 24 weeks pregnant. Though she never took a breath on earth, I knew her. We had a connection. I knew when she was awake and active, I knew when she slept. We had our own little grove and I could hardly wait until the day she would join our family and her bigger sister, Bailey.

The love a mother has for her child does not begin when they are born and take their first breath, it begins the moment you find out you are pregnant and grows from there. I had 24 wonderful weeks to get to know Kenzi and love her. I loved knowing that she would keep me up later than I wanted to because she did not sleep when I did, she was awake well past my bed time. It was and is this love I have for my daughter, Kenzi, that led me to create Dolls for Daughters.

Dolls for Daughters was created last holiday season in memory of Kenzi. Last Christmas would have been Kenzi’s first Christmas and I knew her father and I would be buying baby dolls for her and Bailey. Rather than let my grief consume me and my favorite holiday, I decided to reach out and give back. In my mind there was no better way to honor her and what a beautiful little girl she was. With the support of family and friends from around the country we collected over 300 NEW dolls to donate to little girls in need. We donated the dolls to four wonderful charities and are giving back again this year.

This year our goal is to collect over 500 new baby dolls and donate them to The Gathering Place, Samaritan House, Denver Children’s Home and SafeHouse Denver. Pamper Yourself Denver, Bachus and Schanker, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, friends and family are reaching out to help us reach our goal to collection 500 new dolls. If you are interested in donating a new doll to Dolls for Daughters, visit our website to learn more and drop off your new doll at Bachus and Schanker in Denver or Fort Collins.

Jessica Bachus

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