Adam’s upbringing did not include a family of litigators. The decision to become a lawyer came much later in life. After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in English Literature, Adam went on to work as an intern copywriter, a carpenter’s apprentice and later as a tour guide for a well-known sea animal park. He knew there was something he was missing but wasn’t quite sure what it was. While taking advantage of each of these unique life experiences, he remembered an English professor’s suggestion to consider law as a potential career path. This reoccurring idea eventually developed into a reality after taking the law school admission test.

Adam has been practicing Plaintiff’s personal injury and insurance law since 2010 and focuses on litigation and trial work. He is a graduate of the three-week course at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, and continues to apply the TLC method to his cases. His approach to the relationship between his clients is one of transparency and honesty. Adam genuinely believes it is important that he lives the case with the client in order to effectively communicate their story. He works hard to help clients put every aspect of the human story into their case; this helps him show that they are not just a number to the big insurance company but rather an individual that deserves to be heard and understood.

“What I do isn’t just about winning a case, or beating the other side. It is about the person in front of me and their story. A story that deserves to be told.” -Adam Balach

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