Fog and Smoke Cause a Massive 50 car pileup in Florida

A major car pileup occurred in north central Florida on Wednesday, killing 3 people and injuring dozens.

The pileup occurred on Interstate 4 as a result from low visibility for drivers from fog and smoke from surrounding brush fires. Authorities in Florida stated that the smoke was developed in order to help stop the accumulations of downed timber, however the fire went dangerously out of control near the highway.

As reported by the New York Times, approximately 50 cars and trucks were involved in the chain reaction crash which closed down a 14 mile stretch of the highway between Orlando and Tampa.

Rescue workers and local authorities had difficulty in both getting to the scene and around to check for injuries due to the visibility and other fires being set off from burning cars and trucks.

Fog-related crashes are common nationwide and in Colorado it is a condition prevalent on Interstate 25 due to it being a low-lying area surrounded by water and wetlands. Numerous other factors come into play to weather-related accidents such as the sun and snow, two factors that most motorists face while driving in Colorado.

To drive safely in inclement weather, please try to follow the below guidelines:

– Plan your drive accordingly by following weather predictions.

– Always pull over or make a stop if you feel uncomfortable with the conditions you are driving in.

– Drive slow in order to maintain control of your vehicle.

– Focus on your own driving and don’t let aggressive drivers distract you.

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