Denver Family Killed in Car Accident in Wyoming

On Saturday, December 22, a prominent Denver family was killed in an accident on Interstate 80 in Wyoming.

John Parr, the founding director of Colorado Common Cause along with his wife, Sandra Widener, co-founder of Westword, and their 19 year-old daughter were all killed in the fatal accident. The only survivor was their 17 year-old daughter.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol stated that the highway was extremely icy with blizzard conditions. Parr lost control of his Subaru station wagon due to these conditions.

Three drivers involved in the accident were cited for driving too fast for the weather conditions that resulted in the chain reaction accident.

In 2006, the Wyoming Highway Patrol released a report that 169 people have been involved in fatal crashes in the state, with 16 occurring in the month of December.

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