Dangerous Findings from AAA-Colorado Teen Survey on Cell Phone Use

Between August 20 and September 21, 2007, Colorado AAA surveyed Colorado teens of driving age through the internet on cell phone use and text messaging while driving. 460 Colorado teens responded to the survey. The results were astounding.

Although 97% of teens surveyed believed that text messaging while driving was dangerous, 51% admitted that they are guilty of doing so. 66% of Colorado teens also admitted to talking on the cell phone while driving. In comparison to teens surveyed nationally in the AAA/Seventeen magazine survey, Colorado is above the national average of 46% of teens text messaging and 51% talking on their cell phone while driving.

AAA-Colorado also found that 81% of Colorado teens believe there should be a law limiting cell phone use while driving. Text messaging and using your cell phone while driving is legal in Colorado, excluding drivers with a learner’s permit. Only 5 states (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Washington) and the District of Columbia have prohibited talking on the cell phone while driving. Washington and New Jersey are the only states that have banned text messaging while driving. One state has yet to prohibit all use of cell phones while driving.

We at Bachus & Schanker understand the severe repercussions that can be caused by daily distractions during driving and the importance of not only safe driving in general, but the safety of teenagers behind the wheel.

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