Strasburg Teen Killed in Car Accident

15-year-old Tanya Dmitruk was killed in a car accident on Saturday night, November 24th. Dmitruk was driving west on County Road 10 when she lost control of the car and went airborne, dying at the scene. According to the Colorado State Patrol, Dmitruk was driving without having a learner’s permit.

Three other teens were injured in the car accident, with only one wearing a seatbelt. State Troopers say that speed and driver inexperience are most likely the factors in the accident.

In order to increase traffic safety, by Colorado law the driver and passenger are required to wear seatbelts. In 2005, 71 teenagers died in Colorado from car accidents, with 50 not wearing seatbelts.

Teen Driving Statistics show that 62 16-20 year-olds died on Colorado roadways in 2006. Only 20 of the 62 teens killed were wearing seatbelts. Information on more teen driving statistics and teen driving laws can be found at the Colorado Department of Transportation website.

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