BS2 Recycles to Save Earth

BS2 as we affectionately refer to our annex offices, located across the street from the main offices, participates in an on-going building-wide recycling program.

Each office is equipped with a recycle bin to collect paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, magazines, phone books and newspapers. Our food and other non-recyclables are disposed of in bins in our kitchen area.

Does it make a difference? Let’s look at the statistics for the month of April as reported by building management CBRE.

Landfill airspace saved in cu yds: 16
Number of mature trees saved: 75
Gallons of oil saved: 2,030
Gallons of gasoline saved: 105
Gallons of water saved: 30,689
Kw-hr of electricity saved: 18,604

Total Tons Waste: 10.72
Recycled Tons: 5.85
Percent recycled: 54.55%

I feel pretty good about helping save 75 trees this month! And this is just one building…imagine the difference if thousands of buildings did the same.