Bachus & Schanker Supports Dolls for Daughters Tea Party

I am writing to share a little bit of what Bachus and Schanker does outside of the walls of 1600 16th Street, Suite 450 in Denver, Colorado. Bachus and Schanker is so much more than your average personal injury law firm. It is a law firm that cares about giving back to its community. This summer Bachus and Schanker and its employees have had the opportunity to join together and support our community. I am one of the lucky employees here at Bachus and Schanker and I have had the privilege to help out at many of those events.

On June 27, 2009 I had the pleasure to join my mother and a couple of others for the Dolls for Daughters first annual Tea Party. The tea party took place at Wynston’s Teas in the Belmar Shopping Center.
My mother and arrived at Wynston’s Teas on a warm Saturday afternoon for the tea party. Entering the tea shop it was set up very nice and made me remember those warm sunny days when I was a little girl. To my right there was a little girl with her mom and her red haired doll enjoying tea and her mini peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My mom and I sat with Jessica Bachus the founder of the Dolls for Daughter’s organization.

My mother, Jessica and I had a great time sitting around and chatting while we enjoyed tea and the plate of food that was provided. We shared stories, dreams and childhood memories that afternoon. There were about five little girls that day that enjoyed tea with their dolls and loved ones. Each person that joined us for the tea party was asked to bring a doll to donate. The girls gave the dolls with a smile on their face. It was so touching to see the girls donate a doll and understand the meaning of giving them. It was a great afternoon.

When I heard about the Dolls for Daughter’s Tea Party it made me remember a piece of my childhood. When I was a little girl I had so many dolls that I can’t even remember how many I had. I remember sitting in my toy room passing the tea cups out to each doll and pouring their tea. What a lucky girl I was. I am a grown-up now and my eyes are open to the needs of our community. Dolls for Daughters is a non-profit organization that collects dolls to give away at Christmas time to little girls who are less fortunate. What a great organization Dolls for Daughters is! To find out more about how you can help, please check out the Dolls for Daughters web site.

-Charity Chick aka Courtney Clark

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  • Courtney, thank you very much for your kind words. It was a wonderful event and I had so much fun with you and your Mom. Thanks for coming and thanks for all of your support.