2007 Colorado Hospital Report Card Released

On November 28th, Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter and the Colorado Hospital Association recently released the 2007 Colorado Hospital Report Card.

The report card gives consumers the ability to choose a hospital based on both the quality and the patient’s needs. The House Bill 2006-1278 was passed in early 2007, which made detailed reports on Colorado hospitals available to the public online. All 81 acute-care hospitals are analyzed on the report card.

Less than a dozen other states have developed similar databases on state hospitals, however Colorado’s is the most detailed.

The release of this report card will ensure a process of accountability for hospital practices as well as the overall improvement and patient safety in Colorado hospitals.

Information on mortality rates at local hospitals for strokes, heart failure, heart bypass, pneumonia and blood clots are made available to the public. Patient safety, prevention measures, procedure volume and hospital-acquired infections are also compared.

Examples of the data show that St. Anthony Central and Rose Medical Center rated higher then other hospitals in the mortality rates for pneumonia. About 90% of the ratings of all Colorado hospitals listed fall into the “average category.”

Governor Ritter stated, “Colorado is facing a health care crisis. Part of that is lack of access to the poor and uninsured. But quality must also be addressed and the report card will help do that.”

To see the full data on the 2007 Colorado Hospital Report Card, please go to www.cohospitalquality.org.

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