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Asphalt Truck Spills Over

This morning, May 10th, at around 7 a.m. an asphalt truck tipped over, spilling its contents all over Sante Fe Blvd. and W. Sheridan Blvd. in Sheridan, Colorado. 9 News has more details on this story. Luckily no injuries have been reported as of the time of this blog but the incident serves as a reminder to all of us that safety should be the number one priority for commercial truck drivers.
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Keep on Truckin’

Most Coloradoans and even those visiting from out of state know the frustration of being stuck or delayed on I-70 when a semi-truck fails to use chains and causes an accident and/or highway closure. I-70 was shut down 116 hours last year while tractor-trailer rigs without chains spun out on ice and snow and blocked the road. And what most of us don’t realize is that under current Colorado law, semi-truck drivers who fail to put on chains when the chain law is in effect face a mere $100.00 fine. Many truckers see this fine as the cost of doing business when they’re trying to get through the mountain passes on deadlines.
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Semi-Truck Accidents Highlight Need for Awareness and Safety

A recent semi-truck accident in Denver serves as a reminder that when driving on our highways and streets, it is important for individual motorists to be careful and practice safe driving habits. It also reminds all of us of the the often careless, reckless and negligent conduct of semi-truck drivers and the companies that employ them.
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