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Don’t Text and Drive

Each day thousands, if not millions, of teenagers across the country text while driving. However, too few of these teens take the time to think that what seems like an inconsequential activity can lead to fatal results. Patrick Sims is one of those teens. In November, 2005, the day before Thanksgiving, Patrick was texting while driving when he struck and killed bicyclist Jim Price, 63, husband and father of two. As part of the criminal case brought against him, Patrick now gives weekly presentations at area high schools and clubs about the dangers of texting while driving. Let’s hope that more teens listen and put down that cell phone while driving.

Car Surfing Places Youth At Risk

A fairly new teen past time severely injured a young man in Colorado Springs on Sunday. The stunt, called car surfing, has killed dozens of teenagers across the country including at least 4 from Colorado, over the last 3 years.
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Passenger in fatal hit and run pleads guilty

Eric Snell, the passenger in a truck driven by a drunk driver who struck and killed a mother and her two young children has pled guilty today to three counts of accessory to vehicular homicide and one misdemeanor in Denver District Court. The incident occured late last year at the intersection of 15th and Arapahoe in LoDo. Snell will testify against the driver of the truck, Lawrence Trujillo. This latest news comes at an appropriate time as we head into the Memorial Day weekend. Remember, the Heat is On and driving while intoxicated will cost you.