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Tort Reformers Have a Problem

Tort Reformers have a problem. They can push through laws that limit damages by harping on the “litigation lottery,” but inevitably, people will start to realize that what those laws do is essentially declare “You, an individual citizen, cannot possibly be harmed more then this amount.” This statement doesn’t sit well with most people, since Americans tend to recoil from legislative fiat. So now, the tort reformers have another tact they’re trying: the tort system needs to be reformed because plaintiff’s attorneys are making too much money.

Comes now a Colorado ballot initiative, aimed at severely limiting attorney’s fees. The initiative would have set a schedule for contingency fees, reducing from the standard 30%, down to 20% and then to 10% as the amount of the jury award rises. It also would have set a severe limit on overall contingencies, essentially allowing the percentage to plummet with no bottom in certain circumstances.

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Hit-and-Run Shocks Nation Part Two: What Would You Do?

Bystanders do nothing after a hit-and-run. A minute and a half clip showing the horrific hit-and-run of Angel Torres that aired on news programs and was attached to online articles has raised a lot of talk of society’s loss of morality.

There are elements that are not known about the aftermath of the hit and run. Did someone try to identify the cars that fled after hitting Torres? Did someone try to go for help? Did people wait around to give statements to the police that might help find the driver that hit Torres? These are things that a short clip cannot show.

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Hit-and-Run Shocks Nation

Bystanders do nothing after a hit-and-run. I’m sure you have all heard this headline as it dominated radio and news stations. A minute and a half clip showing the horrific hit-and-run of Angel Torres that aired on news programs and was attached to online articles has raised a lot of talk of society’s loss of morality. Angel Torres was walking across a two lane road after buying milk when a Toyota and a Honda chasing it crossed the center line and hit him. The clip caught by a surveillance camera also caught bystanders gawking and cars stopping for a second but then driving on. In the clip, no one comes to Torres’ aid or appears to do anything to help.

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Disabled Young Adults Face New Challenges

When many young adults turn 18 years old, they are looking forward to an exciting future that includes college or a new job. But the approximately 500,000 young people who require special medical attention and suffer from diseases like cystic fibrosis, diabetes, congenital heart disease or severe disabilities due to injuries are facing a dilemma that didn’t exist a generation ago. Once they turn 18, they have nowhere to go.

Due to medical advances, many of the children who would not have survived a generation ago are facing a future that is ill-equipped to care for them. While there are facilities that care for and provide services for severely disabled or ill children such as St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in New York, St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee and Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. Most young people are expelled from these programs when they turn 18, in order to accommodate the influx of younger patients.

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Honda Motor Co. Recalls TRX500 ATVs

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Honda has voluntarily recalled its 2008 TRX500 ATVs equipped with electric power steering. There is the potential hazard that the ball joints in electric power steering shaft could separate unexpectedly, resulting in the loss of control by the driver.

This model also known as the Honda FourTrax Foreman 4X4, comes in red, white, black, olive, and camouflage, with “Honda” and the wing logo printed on the fuel tank. “TRX500” is printed on the side panel just below the seat.

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BS2 Recycles to Save Earth

BS2 as we affectionately refer to our annex offices, located across the street from the main offices, participates in an on-going building-wide recycling program.

Each office is equipped with a recycle bin to collect paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, magazines, phone books and newspapers. Our food and other non-recyclables are disposed of in bins in our kitchen area.

Does it make a difference? Let’s look at the statistics for the month of April as reported by building management CBRE.

Landfill airspace saved in cu yds: 16
Number of mature trees saved: 75
Gallons of oil saved: 2,030
Gallons of gasoline saved: 105
Gallons of water saved: 30,689
Kw-hr of electricity saved: 18,604

Total Tons Waste: 10.72
Recycled Tons: 5.85
Percent recycled: 54.55%

I feel pretty good about helping save 75 trees this month! And this is just one building…imagine the difference if thousands of buildings did the same.

Oops they did it again. Merck’s asthma drug Singulair under investigation for suicide link by FDA.

Merck is at it again. In March 2008, the FDA opened an investigation into a link between suicidal behavior and mood swings in some users of Merck’s product Singulair. Merck is currently fighting more than 4,200 state and federal Vioxx related lawsuits pending across the country and is appealing a $253.4 verdict jurors awarded to Robert Ernst’s widow, Carol which takes into account her husband’s lost pay as a Wal-Mart produce manager, their mental anguish, her loss of companionship and punitive damages.

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