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Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycle riding is becoming more popular that ever. Rising gas prices have many leaving their cars at home and riding their bicycles to work and to run errands. Many are turning to bicycles for the health benefits and to reduce pollution. Bicycle riding is easy, relaxing and fun and it’s something everybody can do.

As one of the consequences of the popularity of bike riding, residents of Deer Creek Canyon are frustrated by bicyclists riding through their neighborhood and are trying to block a charity bike race scheduled for this fall. Residents of this scenic canyon south of Morrison are frustrated with the hundreds of cyclists already riding through the canyon and are concerned that this bike race will escalate the problems.

There are safety issues concerning the busy, narrow, winding roads. Neighbors and motorists complain that cyclists are relieving themselves on private property, riding too fast down hills and refusing to ride in single file, making it difficult for cars to pass.

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Lead Safety Law Creates New Danger for Youth Off Road Vehicles

A new law to make products safer for our children may place them in a different, yet greater danger.

In February of this year the Consumer Protections Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) went into effect to ensure that products manufactured for children 12 years of age and younger are safe from lead contamination. This new law mandates that any product which includes toys, books, clothing, bicycles, off-road youth motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), have a lead content that is no more than 600 parts per million by weight.

While this law seems to make sense and is a positive step in protecting children from lead poisoning, the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) may have over-reacted in the case of off-road youth motorcycles and ATVs. The CPSC included the lead levels of all components including the engine, suspension, battery, brakes and other mechanical parts which young riders will never have contact with, let alone put in their mouths.

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14 free Colorado summer activities for kids

Our beautiful state of Colorado offers a ton of great activities for children all summer long. We’ve rounded up 14 free activities for your kids to enjoy that depart from the usual list of parades and summer camps. Many are educational, and several showcase Colorado’s awe-inspiring natural beauty and heritage. You’ll find here information on location, operating hours, a phone number (where applicable) and website for more information. Best of all, they’re free, so your children can have fun in places like Colorado Springs, Beaver Creek, Fort Collins and Boulder without it busting your pocketbook.

  1. 1. Beaver Creek Children’s Museum

    Why your kids will like it: Special activities including star gazing and visits from Smokey the Bear, as well as exhibits like “Professor Quackenbush’s Workshop” (an interactive zone filled with building and construction themed activities) and “The Computer Zone” offer options for youngsters and tweens.
    Location: 120 Offerson Road, Beaver Creek, Colorado 81620 (next to the Beaver Creek Hiking Center).
    See map
    Hours: Starting early July through early September: Wednesday-Sunday, 10:00am – 4:00pm
    Contact information: (970) 926-5855 or

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Governor Ritter Signs Bill Outlawing Texting While Driving in Colorado

As a personal injury law firm we’ve seen the consequences of crashes caused by drivers who were distracted either texting or talking on their cell phones (or eating, or putting on their make-up or even reading…yes reading, I’ve seen it with my own eyes!), this law seems like a good idea. But, some feel this law doesn’t go far enough.

The new law which takes effect December 1, 2009 makes it illegal to send text messages, tweets and emails while driving. Those younger than 18 are banned from using a cellphone at all while driving. Your first offense will cost you $50, the second offense will cost you $100.

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Bachus & Schanker Holds Third Annual Spring Cleaning E-Waste Recycling Event

Bachus & Schanker has partnered with Guaranteed Recycling Xperts (GRX) in our firm wide, “Third Annual Spring Cleaning E-Waste Recycling Event.”

Beginning Monday, May 11, 2009, Bachus & Schanker will be sponsoring “Electronic Recycling Week” at its Denver and Fort Collins offices. You may bring in your old and non-functioning electronics or “E-waste” and Bachus & Schanker will pay the recycling fee.

You want to be green and think you’re doing the right thing by dropping off your e-waste at a recycling event in your neighborhood. But how do you really know if your old computer monitor, cell phone, blender or TV is truly being recycled in an environmentally safe method? Why can’t you just dump your old electronics in the landfill or put it out with your regular trash?

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Swine Flu Arrives in Colorado

According to state health officials there are now two confirmed cases of swine flu in Colorado, bringing the total confirmed cases in the United State to 119.

On April 29, 2009, in response to a rapid increase in outbreaks of the Swine Flu in the United States and foreign countries including Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 5. The second highest level issued, a Phase 5 alert is a “strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and the time to finalize the organization, communication and implementation for the planned mitigations measures is short.”

Symptoms of the Swine flu or 2009 H1N1 flu are similar to the symptoms of the regular seasonal flu and include fever, sore throat, headache, cough, body aches and chills and fatique.

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Minor Head Injury Ends in Death of Actress Natasha Richardson

We all take it for granted that, “it will never happen to us”. Especially here in Colorado’s ski country, Natasha Richardson’s recent death due to a head injury sustained during a private ski lesson is a grim reminder that no one is immune from the dangers of a traumatic head injury. During a beginner level ski lesson in Canada, Richardson took a seemingly minor tumble, and then walked off the slope to her hotel. Less than an hour later, after complaining of a severe headache she was rushed to a local hospital and later died of her head injury.

While Richardson’s death seems to be an extremely rare case, possibly talk and die syndrome, it begs the question; how could a simple fall turn deadly?

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Bachus & Schanker helps Dolls for Daughters collect over 131 dolls so far

With the official doll count at the Bachus & Schanker drop off site at 131 dolls with $20 in cash donations and 148 dolls and $110 in cash donations at Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) and other law firms, Dolls for Daughters is rapidly approaching its goal of collecting 500 dolls for little girls in need for the 2008 holiday season.

Dolls for Daughters was founded in 2007 after Jessica and Kyle Bachus lost their baby girl Kenzi who was stillborn at 24 weeks. Rather than let her grief overcome her, Jessica started collecting new baby dolls for little girls who might not get a new toy for Christmas in honor of Kenzi. So far this year, Dolls for Daughters has collected over 300 dolls.

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Top Ten Dangerous Toys for 2008

Just in time for Santa’s visit this Christmas, >World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) has just released its 10 Worst Toys” for 2008. This list exposes toy hazards that are seen year after year and although these particular toys are only indicative of the type of hazards that exist, there are many other toys on the market that encompass the same hazards as the top ten list.

WATCH nominates toys for the worst list based on the potential to cause injuries or even death in children.

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A Mother’s Grief Leads to Dolls for Daughters

The tremendous grief you experience when you have lost a child can never be erased. A piece of you dies when your child dies. All the hopes, dreams, and memories you were to create are lost. There are times when you are not sure how you will go on and when the pain will ease. In January 2007, I lost my second daughter, Kenzi. She was stillborn when I was 24 weeks pregnant. Though she never took a breath on earth, I knew her. We had a connection. I knew when she was awake and active, I knew when she slept. We had our own little grove and I could hardly wait until the day she would join our family and her bigger sister, Bailey.

The love a mother has for her child does not begin when they are born and take their first breath, it begins the moment you find out you are pregnant and grows from there. I had 24 wonderful weeks to get to know Kenzi and love her. I loved knowing that she would keep me up later than I wanted to because she did not sleep when I did, she was awake well past my bed time. It was and is this love I have for my daughter, Kenzi, that led me to create Dolls for Daughters.

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